• Outdoor Artificial Grass, artificial grass

    Outdoor Artificial Grass

  • Soccer Artificial Grass, artificial grass

    Soccer Artificial Grass

  • Coloured Artificial Grass

    Coloured Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

You can bring your living spaces with artificial grass to make it more comfortable and reliable. Installation is easy and tough.
You can use it anywhere. It's easy to wash and clean. It is not affected by water and heat. You can use it outside and inside easily.

Usage areas

You can use it anywhere. In your home, at your workplace, in your garden, in your balcony, in your living room,
You can easily use artificial grass in children's play areas, carpet areas, stadiums, picnic areas and anywhere you want.

What is Construct

You can do everything you can think of. You can even use it in toy covers.
You can also use it instead of carpet in your home. We can say that artificial grass has taken its place everywhere we live.


Why ?
Why Artificial Grass
We produce artificial grass everywhere. Artificial turf is a reliable and healthy product.

Football Artificial grass, ARTİFİCİALL GRASS,artificial grass sport

Sports facilities can be a more useful and safe area with Please call for information.

Sports Artificial Grass
Sports Artificial Grass

You can use artificial turf to make your sports fields more useful. Available on tennis courts, basketball courts and football fields